Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Herb Garden

Now that we live in a house, I decided it was time to start a culinary herb garden. I do not have much gardening experience but I decided to give it a whirl.
 The first plant I bought was rosemary. It's doubled in size since I bought it. So far so good.
The thyme seems to be thriving too.
The spearmint is doing really well.
As is the lemon thyme.
The parsley has had yellow leaves since I transplanted it. It seems to be thriving but there are those yellow leaves. Any ideas?
The lavender is doing well. Should I remove the flowers to encourage it to grow?
Greek oregano is also doing really well.
And my basil plant. It's been leaning to the side ever since it was transplanted. Also seems to be growing. Should I worry that it's leaning to the side like that?

I'm excited about growing my own herbs and can't wait to harvest some. Any veteran herb growers with any tips for me?


  1. Cool :D When we get our terrace I am gonna grow some herbs too. At the moment I just have a tomato plant on the porch

  2. Loving your planter herb garden!! Whatever you do though don't put the spearmint in the will run rampant!!!

  3. How nice! Good luck with your herbs! The only thing I can really get to grow is rosemary. Probably because as soon as it gets in the ground I forget to water...

  4. I love herb gardening. It's so rewarding to just snip a leaf or two for dinner when you need it. I echo what Staci said above. Keep the mint in a pot! Unless you want to cover a huge area of your yard for the rest of the time you live there. LOL.


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