Friday, June 28, 2013

Sun At Midnight by Rosie Thomas

It's firmly established that I am a Rosie Thomas fangirl. But since she's a UK author I do have a bit of trouble getting her books here in the States. Luckily my library allows me unlimited interlibrary loans. So since they won't buy her books (Boo!), I can request them all one by one from the interlibrary loans. Sun at Midnight caught my attention early and kept it though the whole story. Alice is a geologist. Her mother is a famous biologist who was the first woman in Antartica. Alice feels that she'll never be like her mum and therefore feels slightly inferior.
Rooker isn't the type of guy that likes to put down roots. Free wheeling he is and very love 'em and leave 'em. Rooker hears about a new station being set up in Antartica and is eager to go. The perfect place to lose a girlfriend who thinks he's the one.
At the bequest of her ailing mother, Alice heads to this new station in Antartica. At first she went for her mom, then Alice needed an escape, but Antartica gives her more than she could have imagined.
I've never been into Antartica other than the whole March of The Penguins phase. But Thomas writes so eloquently about about this beautifully vast and harsh terrain. Despite the fact that I have no experience close to being in Antartica, Thomas makes you feel like you are there with Alice, experiencing it all first hand. It was a beautiful story and I couldn't put it down.
Highly recommended. A wonderful story about finding yourself, unlikely friendships, and love. Others who shared their thoughts on Sun At Midnight: LindyLouMac's Book Reviews and Unseen Footsteps.
This was my sixth read for the Mammoth Book Challenge.
2013 Mammoth Book Challenge

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  1. This sounds great. Not often do you get that type of setting in a book!


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