Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wedding Ring by Emilie Richards

After Julie posted about picking up the third in the Shenandoah Album series, I decided to check Wedding Ring out. I'm glad I did. A great story about love, loss, and family.
Tessa agrees to join her mother, Nancy, in assisting Tessa's grandmother, Helen, with cleaning out her home. Helen has become a bit of a hoarder and Nancy wants to move her mother to an assisted living facility. Helen refuses to leave the home she's lived in all her life. These three women decide to live together for the summer, sifting through Helen's memories. All three women think they share nothing in common but blood.
I immediately liked Wedding Ring. Tessa is grieving the loss of her daughter who was killed by a drunk driver three years ago. Tessa has dedicated her life to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and lost sight of her marriage. Tessa's husband desperately wants a family again but Tessa can only see what she's lost. Nancy leads a charmed life. Married to a wealthy and influential man, Nancy believes she's left the country girl inside of her behind. But being back in her childhood home, Nancy starts to question who she is and who she has become. Helen has lived on this farm since she was born. Helen isn't interested in moving away, not from her memories or her regrets. When Tessa and Nancy rediscover an old quilt, these three women learn the have a whole lot in common.
The story weaves its way quietly and gracefully. I loved learning about quilts. I knew almost nothing about quilts before reading Wedding Ring. Also I loved the feeling of the country, Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. So peaceful and comforting.
Overall I enjoyed Wedding Ring. I admit that tears came to my eyes as the women's stories started to find their happily ever afters. I'll be reading more of this series. Others who shared their thoughts on Wedding Ring: Trashionista, Framed and Booked, and Book Talking.
This was my tenth read for the Mammoth Book Challenge.
2013 Mammoth Book Challenge

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