Thursday, September 19, 2013

Forever A Lord by Delilah Marvelle

Forever A Lord is the third in the Rumor trilogy. I'm so glad I gave this trilogy a chance. I didn't think I would enjoy it this much. And I think Forever A Lord was the best of the series.
The whole trilogy revolves around 3 people: Georgia, Matthew, and Coleman. We've heard how Georgia and Matthew's stories wind up, it's time to learn about Coleman. The book starts back in New York in 1800. Coleman is a boxer and fights for money. Money to keep living. Coleman hears about 2 gentleman who are looking for man who was kidnapped as boy. Coleman is intrigued and, desperate for money, heads off to meet these men. It turns out they are seeking Coleman who is actually an English lord. The men (Coleman's uncle and nephew) implore him to return to England and be reunited with family.
Meanwhile in London, Lady Imogene is preparing to debut. Imogene doesn't want to debut as she has no intention of marrying. But since it is expected of her, she'll play along. Imogene has been ill since she was seven years old. Imogene feels that no man would want to be saddled with such an unhealthy wife so she's content to be a spinster. But Imogene does want to help her brother who is married to a woman who cheats on him. So Imogene and her brother decide to invest Imogene's inheritance in a boxer who might win the English Championship.
I immediately liked Imogene and Coleman. Coleman was such a shady character in the other books but I knew there had to be more to his story. Imogene is wonderful. Shy and reserved, she blossoms as her relationship with Coleman grows. I loved her transformation from lonely caterpillar to magnificent butterfly. In this relationship, both parties are changed for the better.
Marvelle also brought back Georgia, Yardley, Matthew, and Bernadette.  It was nice to see them again and learn more about how their lives wound up after their stories were told. I'm sad for this trilogy to be over. I will certainly miss all the characters. Others who shared their thoughts on Forever A Lord: The Reading Cafe, Love Saves The World, Rookie Romance, and The Book Reading Gals.
This was my twelfth read for the Historical Reading Challenge.

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  1. Wow, it's so rare that the last book is the best one, don't you think?


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