Monday, September 30, 2013

Knights of Hill Country by Tim Tharp

I added Tim Tharp's Knights of Hill Country to my library queue after enjoying The Spectacular Now. While Knights of Hill Country wasn't The Spectacular Now, it was an enjoyable read.
It's the start of Hampton Green's senior year. Hampton is the best linebacker that the Kennisaw Knights have. And because of Hampton and his best friend, Blaine, the Knights have a shot at their fifth undefeated season. Blaine feels this is the best time for Hampton to embrace being a Knight and find a pretty, popular girl to date. But Hampton only cares about shy, reserved Sara. I liked Hampton. This book was all about him finding himself. Hampton had lived in Blaine's shadow since he was nine. But Blaine's knee problems were allowing Hampton's football talents to be showcased. Plus Sara helped Hampton see that he didn't have to be who Blaine wanted him to be. Hampton could be who ever he wanted. Tharp did a good job of letting the characters figure out things out in their own time.
Knights of Hill Country reminded me a lot of Friday Night Lights (the tv show). I'm glad I read it. Others who shared their thoughts on Knights of Hill Country: Romance Around The Corner, What Was I Reading?, Write Overload, and Confessions of A Bibliovore.

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