Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Boys Kissing By David Levithan

I requested Two Boys Kissing from the library after Jamie tweeted that she was reading it. I am a fan of David Levithan so I went ahead and put it on my hold list at the library. So glad I did. Two Boys Kissing is one of my favorite reads this year.
Two Boys Kissing is about several gay teens, all boys. Each of them are about the same age (16-18) but all in different places. Some of come out and live out and some aren't ready yet. And the book is narrated by a chorus of dead gay men. If it sounds creepy, it's not. These men died of AIDS. They never got to hold their boyfriend's hand in public. In high school, they were either loners or went with girls to fit in. Many of them died without ever coming out to their families. But these men are proud that these teens have chances they never had. I had tears in my eyes for much of the book.
I loved how Levithan used each boys story to show how different and alike we are. Each of us scared and worried that no one will like the real us. Worried that we're frauds and everyone can see through the mask we wear. That our parents will shun us if we ever gave them the truth. The stories really touched me and Levithan does an excellent job of weaving the stories together and creating one amazing story. I read Two Boys Kissing in a day. It's not very long, about 200 pages, but the story grabbed me and wouldn't let go.
I highly recommended Two Boys Kissing. It's wonderfully done. Another fantastic read from David Levithan. Others who shared their thoughts on Two Boys Kissing: The Perpetual Page-Turner, Nerdy Book Club, Obsession With Books, Empire of Books, and Rather Be Reading.


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