Thursday, November 7, 2013

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

-My addiction to Kazoozles. Tai got them on a lark and I love them. 

-The amount of bread I've been making recently. A like a loaf a day. Insane. 

-My closet is getting ridiculous. I actually pulled a lot of "summer" clothing and it's still too crowded!

-And my pile of boots. Does anyone have a good way to keep their boots from falling over into a pile? 

-Tai gave me my Christmas present early! A iPad mini. I love it. 

-I've read over a 100 books so far this year. Now trying to get to that 40,000 page goal. About 8000 pages shy at this point.

-I've been on a good cook at home streak. Trying new recipes and making some tasty dishes.

-Adding pizza back into our lives. Papa Murphy's DeLite crust has less than 20 carbs per slice. Dad loved it!

What's been awkward and awesome this week for you?

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  1. Did we Kazoozle during Gravity? I think it was Gravity...


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