Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spirit and Dust by Rosemary Clement-Moore

I didn't know it when I picked up Spirit and Dust but it's the sequel to Texas Gothic. That put a damper on my enthusiasm since I didn't enjoy Texas Gothic. But I liked Spirit and Dust a lot more than Texas Gothic and it reminded me of Clement-Moore's other book, The Splendor Falls.

Daisy Goodnight is clairvoyant and she works with the FBI to solve murders, help find missing people. Daisy has a lovely, flirty relationship with her FBI handler, Taylor. So adorable. I loved their back and forth. I even loved that they had codes for are you ok and do you need help. Great, fun relationship. Daisy is pulled into an investigation about a missing college student. Quickly she realizes that the kiddnappers are into some serious magic and she teams up with Carson who's on the payroll of the missing girl's father's payroll. And Daisy and Carson have some serious chemistry. Who did I want to win? The hunky FBI handler or the bad boy with some magic up his own sleeve? I was team Carson the whole time.

Spirit and Dust was full of fast paced action, witty conversations, and some steamy verbal exchanges. I enjoyed every minute of Spirit and Dust. Others who shared their thoughts on Spirit and Dust: Clear Eyes, Full Shelves, Page Turners, Be Awesome Be A Book Nut, and A Dream Within A Dream.

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