Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mini Reviews-More Graphic Novels

For me these mini reviews are prefect for graphic novels. Expect to see them once or twice a month.

I Love Him To Pieces is the first in the My Boyfriend Is A Monster series. Dicey and Jack are paired up as "parents" of an egg for their Health Ed class. Jack is the brainy type (hehe) and Dicey is a jock. They are opposites and don't have any reason to interact with each other outside of this project. But they become friends and then they realize they really like each other. I thought this one was cute. Plus there were some pop culture references that made me crack up. I'm going to check out the next in the series.

I think this is the first non-fiction graphic novel I've read. I knew close to nothing about the Dust Bowl when I read this book and I learned a lot. Brown does an excellent job of making the Dust Bowl real and educational. 

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this is short graphic novel. The main character is a poet but one day gets recruited onto a ship. He's not familiar with the ways of the ship but slowly comes to enjoy his fate. I loved the art and the way the story progressed.

Last day in Vietnam
Really six short stories about things Eisner witnessed in Vietnam and Korea while he was writing for P.S. Magazine. Very well told stories about soldiers and war. 

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