Monday, May 5, 2014

What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Ever since reading My Life Next Door last year, I've been anxiously waiting for What I Thought Was True to be released. While it was no My Life Next Door, What I Thought Was True was wonderful in its own way.

It's the summer before her senior year and Gwen's on the verge of getting off of Seashell Island. While she loves Seashell, Gwen knows that she won't get far in life living there. Her parents are eking out a living, barely. And Gwen knows that's what her life could become. Gwen's not perfect. She's slept with a few guys and has a reputation among the swim team. Leaving Seashell would mean leaving that life behind too. Except Cassidy, her mistake last Spring, seems to be following her around. Can Gwen ignore him and continue with her plan to leave Seashell and her reputation behind?

I liked Gwen. She wants to fall in love but settles for boys that just want in her pants. She wants to get out of Seashell so she works hard, saves her money, and applies for college. Her best friend, Viv, is dating Gwen's cousin, Nico. Viv and Nico are headed for the altar, a constant reminder that Gwen is perpetually single. And then there's Cass. Her biggest mistake. He's working as a lawn boy on Seashell and seems to find Gwen where ever she is. I didn't feel Cass was as fleshed out as he could have been. I wanted more about him. Also I liked that Fitzpatrick had gay characters too. They didn't get a lot of page time but I appreciated the diversity in that aspect.

I look forward what Fitzpatrick has in store. What I Thought Was True was a great contemporary YA romance.  Definitely belongs in your beach bag this summer. Others who shared their thoughts about What I Thought Was True: Cook Scrap Craft, The Hiding Spot, Books and Swoons, and Pub Writes.

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