Monday, May 26, 2014

What To Eat This Week

Oops. Today isn't Sunday. I didn't have time to post yesterday because it was unexpected movie day. A friend called us for lunch which turned into lunch and a movie (Captain America 2 for the second time). While we were settling in for Captain America, another friend called us. They had extra tickets for the new X:Men movie later that night. So we left one movie, had a quick dinner, and headed to another movie theatre for X:Men. Very fun but unexpected so nothing got done yesterday other than fun.

Last week's meal plan went ok. Tai's back to playing volleyball two times a week so I foresee more takeout for me and dad. Sometimes those volleyball evenings can be quick.

Breakfasts: Tai's taking cereal still. I'm taking PB&J's, yogurt, and some fruit.

Lunches: Pasta e Fagioli and leftovers.


Monday: Baked Salmon and kale salad

Tuesday: Take out

Wednesday: Beef Stroganoff and roasted brussel sprouts.

Thursday: Take out

Friday: Dinner out with friends

Saturday: Chicken tenders with sweet potato fries

Sunday: Bacon Juicy lucys with sweet potato fries

What's on your menu this week?

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