Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Musical Trip Down Memory Lane

This weekend is my 20th high school reunion. Honestly, I'm shocked. I can hardly believe it's been 20 years since I graduated high school.

I was digging around to find some old embarrassing photos of me in high school but I couldn't find any. Not that there weren't embarrassing photos. I don't know where they went! I dug through my old photos and only found photos from when I was very young or college. I'm sure they are in a box somewhere.

Since I don't have photos for you, I wanted to reminisce about the music of 1994.

Reality Bites was one of my favorites back then. I wanted a pair of Lisa Loeb glasses.

The Lion King was favorite movie. I even had Lion King Sheets. I'm not kidding.

A lot of songs I liked in 1994 were from movie soundtracks. Like I'll Take You there was from the Threesome soundtrack.

I've always been a Tom Petty fan. I just loved this video.

And one of my still favorite bands, Weezer. Plus I grew up with Happy Days (reruns) so this video was perfect for me.

What songs remind you of high school? Did you go to your high school reunion or did you skip it?


  1. I didn't go to my 10th high school reunion. But it's hard for me with my high school in California. I would have liked to have gone, but it was around Christmas, and instead we went back for Thanksgiving. But maybe I'll instead be able to manage getting my my 20th or instead my 10 year college reunion?

  2. I STILL love Stay by Lisa Loeb. LOL! Fun post! I'm a little bit younger than you 15 years post-HS--but I definitely remember these songs! I skipped my 10 year and am not sure if I'll feel differently in 5 more years. ;)


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