Thursday, July 10, 2014

Constance by Rosie Thomas

I was happy to be reading another Rosie Thomas book. Her books are like a warm quilt to me. While Constance took a little longer to catch my attention, I was still very happy being wrapped up in a Rosie Thomas story.

Like most of Rosie Thomas' books, the story goes back and forth in time and between different characters. Not only do we have Constance, but her sister, Jeanette, her brother in law, Bill, her nephew, Noah, and Noah's girlfriend, Roxana. Thomas doesn't always distinguish between who's talking and if this is past or present. So sometimes I find it a little difficult to follow the story at the beginning but after a chapter or two, it gets easier and more familiar. I enjoyed how their stories and their lives tangled together. This just isn't a story about Constance but about those around her too.

Constance is a story about family, love, and finding your home. Life can be so complicated and messy. I appreciated the time and care Thomas took to let the characters find their own stories. It's not a book of all happy endings but it felt real. I'll be looking for more of Thomas' books. Others who shared their thoughts on Constance: Heatseeker Reviews, The Book Girl, and Bookerstaz.

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