Monday, July 21, 2014

Somerset by Leila Meacham

I picked up Somerset off the library shelf because I had enjoyed Roses. Since this was the prequel to Roses, I was excited to learn more about the Tolivers, the DuMonts, and the Warwicks. While Somerset was very similar to Roses, it took me a lot longer to get invested in the characters. But it was still an enjoyable read.

Somerset starts in South Carolina on the eve of Silas Toliver and Jeremy Warwicks departure for Texas. Both second sons, neither Silas or Jeremy will inherit their families land. The only way for them to make it on their own is to head to Texas. Silas makes some large sacrifices to secure the funding for his trip to Texas. Just like Roses, Somerset is mostly about the Tolivers but the Warwicks and the DuMonts also add to the story. I really would like a book just about the Warwicks. I found Jeremy to be a much more interesting character than Silas. But I did like Jessica and she kept me reading when I was getting bored. It's a long book and sometimes I struggle with reading such long books.

Again this is great historical fiction. It starts before the Civil War and ends in the early 1900's. I really enjoyed the discussions about abolishment and the share cropping. Meacham does a great job of adding lots of detail to the story so you can really see how people lived then.

I'm glad I read Somerset. You can read them in any order. If you've read Roses, it would be great to hear about the history of the families you know. Others who shared their thoughts on Somerset: Burton Book Reviews, Country Girls Read, and Tina Says....
This is my ninth read for the Historical Reading Challenge.


  1. I absolutely LOVED Roses. I've yet to get to this one though, but it's definitely one I know I want to be reading!


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