Thursday, May 7, 2015

One For The Books by Joe Queenan

I added One For The Books to my tbr list after a coworker recommended it. After I read it, I discovered she had not read it but enjoyed Queenan's reviews (movies and books). I have mixed feelings about One For The Books. I enjoyed parts but had a lot of difficulty with other parts.

In One For The Books, Queenan explores his own love of books, his book buying habits, his family's book habits, and traveling to book related sites (author's homes, locations where books are set). It's a set of loosely related essays.

Here's what I enjoyed: Queenan is very funny. A lot of his stories are humorous. I think I too shall not read books about or by Yankee fans. I think that part was my favorite. I loved his enthusiasm for books and the way he poked fun at some popular book trends. I enjoyed his stories about books and how they found their way to them. His stories about his friends and their bookish tastes was also enjoyable. Many of the books he discussed found their way to my tbr list (a good and a bad thing).

Here's what I didn't like: His extreme distaste for many popular books and his feelings towards people who read them (not very kind). His dislike of people not buying books despite his love for the public library. His negative thoughts on book clubs. He didn't mention book blogging but I assume his view is not favorable. Generally he doesn't enjoy discussing books with others and he doesn't like people to give him books he might not enjoy. In short, he was a bit of curmudgeon.

I would recommend One For The Books only if you are familiar with Queenan's writing or don't mind a little curmudgeon with your humor. Be aware you will probably add 30 books to your tbr list. I'm just sayin'. Others who shared their thoughts on One For The Books: Of Books and Reading, The Book Garden, and Read In A Single Sitting.

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