Friday, May 1, 2015

April Goals Update

How did I do this month on my goals?

1. Make one meatless meal for dinner a week. Zuchinni Fritatta, Spinach Fritatta, and Tofu Curry this month. I did make a Pinterest board for Meatless Meals but I have yet to use any meals. And if fritattas work shouldn't I keep making them?

2. Continue working on my fitness and lose another 30 lbs. I'm working on my kettlebell workouts. (The Ultimate Full-Body Kettlebell Workout and 500 rep Kettlebell workout). Trying to go the whole routine with 8kg kettlebells. It's hard!

3. Go back to meal planning. Still working it. Going great!

4. Schedule one do nothing, stay home weekend a month. We were able to keep one weekend empty in April. Keeping one weekend empty in May. When summer really starts this will be harder.

5. Plan one trip with Tai this year. Tossed around a couple of ideas but will likely wait to the fall or winter.

6. Get a will and other necessary estate planning documents. Haven't even thought about this.

7. Clean and declutter one room a month. I had wanted to do this last weekend but couldn't find the time and honestly the motivation.

8. Do one things for myself a month. I went to the spa and I got a massage!

9. Watch one older (pre-2014) movie a month. I need to keep better track of this. I'm sure I did watch at least one older movie this month.

10. Learn to make 5 Japanese dishes.  Didn't even think about this goal.

11. Stop complaining and start sharing my gratitude. Yoga was really helping me with this. I need to find a way to continue.

12. Take 2 cooking classes. Thinking this might wait til the fall.

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