Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day in The Life- March 12, 2016

I decided to do a Saturday so 8 hours of my day wouldn't be me at work.

8:45am-this is much later than I normally wake on a Saturday. I must have needed the extra sleep. After waking up, Tai and I discussed the day. I headed upstairs to make some breakfast: eggs, bacon, baked apples, and toast. Sorry no picture!

10:45am-Headed to the store to get brads to put up blinds. Picked up 3 non stick skillets on super clearance. I've been wanting a ceramic nonstick. And you can never go wrong with the Lodge.

11:45am-Headed to the new house. Blinds too small for window I wanted them for. Was able to use them in another window. Went on Amazon to buy right blinds but those blinds aren't sold in the size I need. Boo.

12:45pm-Time for sushi.
Spicy tuna with extra mayo. My favorite.

3pm: Back at old house. Chat with Dad about rest of my plans for the day. Decide to head to mall early for friend's performance.

3:30pm: Grab some tea while looking for a seat at Cultural Crossroads. Discover friend's performance is at 4:40, not 4pm. Don't want to lose seat so hang out and watch other performances.

4:20pm: Spot my friend and we chat while her singing group gets ready to perform.

4:40pm: Listen to the Bulgaria Voices of Seattle. Really enjoyed it. The accordion made me think of polka. Lively and fun.

5:30pm: Back at home. Discuss dinner and evening plans with Tai. Decide to see Zootopia, a late showing. Buy tickets online (10:20pm show). Tai agrees to take me to Red Robin before the show.

5:45pm: Clean up kitchen and run dishwasher. Chat with Dad about moving plans while he makes his dinner.

6:30pm: Settle in to finish Landry Park (it was ok, the cliffhanger ending caused me to put the second on hold immediately).

7:20pm: Hungry but decided to wait an hour before leaving for Red Robin. Eat a handful of cashews.

7:55pm: Tai and I are both hungry and decide to go to Red Robin now. I get my usual Big Tavern burger, lettuce wrapped.

8:30pm: Done with dinner but too early to go to the theater. Drive to Barnes and Noble that's near the theater. Wander around looking at the graphic novels. Tai settles in with a book about the art of Star Wars. I read a couple of home improvement magazines.

9:50pm: Leave Barnes and Noble and head to the theater. This theater recently remodeled and started assigning seats. The new leather seats also recline. So comfy.

10:20pm: Zootopia is cute. I liked the message. Definitely would see again.

12:05am: Leave the movie. Drive home. Go to bed.


  1. MMm any day with sushi is a great day! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a very nice day. I love Saturdays so it was fun reading about yours!

  3. My sister-in-law was talking about Zootopia the other night and she said they liked it. We'll probably see it when it comes out on DVD. Red Robin and sushi and cashews and B&N all in one day - score!!

  4. Perfect Saturday! And that sushi--YUM! I love anything with spicy mayo. I've been thinking about cast iron or enameled cookwear. Do you like it? Right now I have Teflon and I like it ok but it doesn't seem to last--even with handwashing and being careful with not using metal utensils. Bah!


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