Thursday, March 3, 2016

Falling Into Bed With A Duke by Lorraine Heath

I picked up Falling Into Bed With A Duke to fulfill the What's In A Name reading challenge category Item of furniture. Plus I do love a good historical romance. Falling Into Bed With A Duke was a cute story but nothing special.

Minerva is a spinster. After six seasons on the shelf, she decides to accept her fate and stop accepting gentleman and their offers of marriage. Minerva wants to find love, not just a suitable match. Men just want Minerva's dowry. The Duke of Ashebury has no shortage of women interested in him. Ashebury has little interest in marrying. But when Ashebury meet Minerva, he realizes that he just hadn't met the right woman.

I liked Minerva. She's opinionated and forthright. Ashebury is handsome and hurting. I'm just a little bored with the spinster and more than meets the eye trope. I dislike that the heroine isn't attractive or pleasing to men. I loved that Minerva was true to herself and that Ashebury falls in love with her because of who she is. Sigh.

I liked Heath's writing and would read more of her books. I'll probably even continue this series since Ashebury's brothers did interest me. Others who shared their thoughts on Falling Into Bed With A Duke: All About Romance, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, and Fiction Vixen.
Falling Into Bed With A Duke satisfies the item of furniture category for the What's In A Name Reading Challenge.

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