Friday, June 17, 2016

Five On Friday

Tai and I have been using Full Circle for several years now. It's not a traditional CSA where you get what's available. More like a tailored grocery store. We get the sprout box. Although in the winter I sometimes scale down to the seed. I love being able to add other items like fresh bread, meat, and dairy products. 

Another find due to our new home. This pizza place is close to where I get off the train. I love their pizza. We usually get the Omnivore (meat and veggies) and a pepperoni.

My boss thinks she got me into Converse sneakers but I've been a Converse fan way back. I remember when they were $10 at Chubby & Tubby. I have a hard time paying $40 for them now so my pile is small but I do love them.

Parchment Paper
In an effort to reduce the amount of aluminum we ingest, I've taken to lining my baking sheets with parchment. I use it under meat, cookies, roasted veggies. I rarely use aluminum anymore.

Burr Grinder
I'm pretty serious about my coffee. I'll talk more about my coffee obsession in later posts but first my grinder. I grind my own coffee before brewing. I bought a burr grinder a few years ago after reading that it was better than the blade grinders which I used to have. I've noticed a better, more rounded taste since we switched. This is the one we have which I've been happy with.

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