Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Books for Living by Will Schwalbe

I choose Books for Living to satisfy the Read Harder challenge: Read a book about books. I don't really like reading about books. Either the author likes to shame the reader for not reading great works of literature or they talk about books so obscure that maybe 5 people read them. Schwalbe strikes a balance. He talks about books I never heard of in a way that made me want to read them. He doesn't shame, rather offers his opinion or other's opinion about why you might want to read a book. His tone was conversational. Plus his own love of reading oozed out of the pages and made me want to read more.

Books for Living added to my tbr pile. It was an enjoyable read and one you could read a little at a time. I hadn't wanted to read The End of Your Life Book Club but now I might. Others who shared their thoughts on Books For Living: 20somethingreads, Lit Lovers, and Linda's Book Bag.
This satisfies the book about books category of the 2017 Read Harder Challenge.

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