Monday, March 13, 2017

February Update on 2017 Goals

Prepare to do something physically challenging in 2018. I've rolled my ankle again so walks are shorter. I'm going to the doctor to see what can be done about my wobbly ankles!

Be able to park my car in the garage by December 31, 2017. Made almost no progress here. 

Add yoga back into my life at least once a week. I went to yoga-once this month. I want to go back once my ankle feels better. 

One hour a day without technology (no phone, no computer, no tv). Still doing pretty goiod about this one. Tai and I have been reading after dinner, just listening to music.

Add more art into my life. Added some art museums to my Instagram feed. Enjoying learning about new artists.

Get back to meal planning. We did Blue Apron one week this month. Really helped with the meal planning. 

Take more pictures. Still sucking at this. I don't always like the prompts. 

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