Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn

I picked up Heroine Complex for the What's in A Name Challenge Title has a x in it category. Not only did I cross off a category on a challenge but I read a delightful book.

Evie is trying to handle it all-her teenage sister, her absent dad, her best friend/boss, and her own messy problems. Evie enjoys being in the shadows but when Aveda, San Francisco's resident super hero is laid up with an ankle injury, Evie must step in and help maintain Aveda's image. But can Evie be a superhero and still get the guy?

I really enjoyed Heroine Complex. Evie was funny and relateable. I enjoyed the pop culture references as well as all the superhero banter. I would definitely pick up the next in the series. Others who shared their thoughts on Heroine Complex: Smart Bitches Trashy Books, Badass Book Reviews, and The Daily Geekette.
 I read Heroine Complex for the What's In a Name Challenge.

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