Monday, May 22, 2017

Random Thoughts

-I'm slumping hard. I'm having such a hard time reading lately. Even graphic novels are taking me days to complete. Partly is that things are busy but I'm also not having the interest in reading lately. On the ride home, I tend to zone out or play a game. Once I'm home there are tons of things to do and I hardly have time to read before bed. I think it's temporary but it feels weird to me.

-My friend is loaning me her loom long term. She gave me a lesson and I'm looking forward to weaving more in the coming months. I want to make scarves!

-Part of my reading slump is because of the library. My regular library is convenient to where I catch the train. But inconvenient to the house. A lot of days I feel that I'm rushing home and don't have time to stop at the library. I frequently have overdue books now because I don't have time to drop them off. The other closest library is more convenient on the weekends. At our old house the library was a block away so I rarely had problems getting there.

-I finally mowed our lawn. We had a really rainy winter and spring. This past weekend was nice so I pulled out my new lawn mower and mowed the lawn.

-I went to get a massage last weekend. It was divine. I already scheduled another one.

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  1. A loom?? How exciting-- I just started weaving and I'm in love with it :)


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