Thursday, November 9, 2017

October Goal Update

Prepare to do something physically challenging in 2018. No hikes this month. In fact I'm feeling really lazy and like I should do more. But I've been super busy and it feels hard to add more activities. 

Be able to park my car in the garage by December 31, 2017. I have a couple of days off of work this month. I hope to actually work on cleaning up some rooms and getting rid of stuff.

Add yoga back into my life at least once a week. None this month :(

One hour a day without technology (no phone, no computer, no tv). Still doing good on this one. 

Add more art into my life. Still trying to peek in galleries as I walk past.

Get back to meal planning. I'm less meal planning and just using what we have on hand. It works out most days.

October Goal: Eat at home 25 days out of the month. I was really close. I think I cooked like 22 or 23 days this month. 

November: Get 2 massages.

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