Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I am so Freaking Lucky!!!

I just won my wedding dress on eBay. I'm so excited! There was fierce bidding competion. But I knew I wanted that dress. It matched so many things I wanted-no train, all satin, the beading on the bodice, and no train! I had to have it!!!! And the best thing is that I paid $120 with shipping. I cannot wait for it to arrive.
I am also lucky because Tiffany, a girl at work, offered to be my DOC at the wedding. I'm so happy. Tiff plans parties at work so she's used to setting up and organzing. She's got such great personal style too. She'll be able to really help me get everything done. And the best thing is that she offered to do it for free. For free! I'm going to get her a nice gift-dinner at a nice resturant-but so thoughtful. I cannot believe how lucky I am.

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  1. I bet that will be so helpful! Oh, and I can't wait to see the dress! Congrats on winning it :-D


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