Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

Things have been a little slow on the wedding planning. I'm still looking for the right dress, a caterer and a photographer (in case JT's brother in law can't do it). I'm working on the save the date cards but that's moving a little slowly since I've been kind of busy. One thing I have been working on is our registry.
A lot of brides on the knot keep worrying about their registry. There's two camps. Do it immediately and do it sometime before the wedding. I was kind of anxious about the registry. I wanted to register at a few places but didn't want to look greedy. I choose to use I can ask for gifts from a bunch of different places. People can check off the things they buy. It's really easy to use.
Our friends have started to ask us what we want for the holidays. Mr A told them to look at our registry. Mr A also feels that they can use that list for our birthdays as well. I agree.
Registering is a great idea because I have some friends that are sucky gift givers. I love a registry cause you can look for a gift that the person wants and find something appropriate in your price range. Trying to find gifts in all different ranges is difficult though. We have a lot of big ticket items (a flat screen tv, a vaccum cleaner). I'm hoping my family will pick up those items. But I did register for lower priced items like spatulas and oven mitts.

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