Friday, October 19, 2007


I cringed each time I hear that word, Perfect. Mr A usually mocks me with it. "You want everything perrrfeccctt." Ugh, no honey, I don't want anything perfect. Perfect is straight corners, crisp lines, and tons of hairspray. If you could see our apartment you would know perfect ain't my style.
I am incapable of doing anything in straight lines. Our couch is crooked. There's hair on the floor of the kitchen-yuck, I know. I have shirts with stains. I never iron anything. I love that our plates have chips in them. Why should our wedding be any different than my normal style.
I want fun, casual, exciting, silly, and relaxing. People will be sitting a picnic tables, eating. Music will be playing. People will be dancing, enjoying themselves.
But still our day will be perfect because we're getting married. Duh, that's what makes it a perfect day. A day spent with the man I love, with the people I love, that's what makes it perfect.
I fully expect someone to cause a scene. I fully expect to not look like brides in the magazines. I fully expect Mr A to do something outrageous. I fully expect something to go horribly wrong. I expect to miss my mother, for Mr A to wish his folks were there. I expect to cry, sob even, at least once a day. I also expect to remember this day for the rest of my life, good, bad or ugly.

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  1. Guys just don't get it. Mark is the same way sometimes. I'm sure something will go wrong, something will be forgotten, or I'll fall on my face.. but it'll still be perfect. (I actually told Mark that if I fall, make sure someone gets a picture so we can laugh about it later lol) If the RB or FGs refuse to walk down the aisle or throw a fit, take a picture of them pouting. I'm trying to remember that none of that is a big deal. Of course, that may change when I get to the ceremony and realize my dress isn't there... lol.

    The day will be perfect because we're finally getting married and because all of our loved ones are there to celebrate with us.


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