Saturday, October 27, 2007

Idea for Trash the Dress shoot

Since we're getting married on a campground, I have tons of ideas of interesting non formal pictures. Essentially Trash the Dress pics.
(Stolen from the University of Boulder). Can you imagine me doing this in my wedding gown? Mr A thinks this would be a funny picture and I can't help but agree.
I want to take some pictures on the rocks by the river. I would even be willing to wade into the river if it meant some beautiful memorable shots.
(Stolen from Manolo for the Brides). I know someone with a paint ball gun that resembles this gun. I could totally pull that off. I could send it to some of friends from college. They would get a kick out of it. They always said I was white trash!

Stolen from Rich Johnson's flickr set). I would love to have some of us climbing trees. If we could get the bridal party into it. I think it would be a lot of fun. I could just see some of the guys hanging from the branches. It would make me laugh.
(Stolen from stonesinthegarden's flickr set). There are some really cool trails in the park and I would love to wander around a find some great shots like this. BTW, I love her sandals.

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