Friday, June 19, 2009

A Deal On Seattle Adventures

I know a couple of you have plans to visit Seattle. I stumbled on a free coupon book for Seattle area attractions. Admittedly most of the coupons are for touristy thingy. If this isn't your first visit here you might not be interested.
There's a $2 off coupon for the Woodlawn Park Zoo. I'd like to see the new penguin exhibit.
There's a $2 off coupon for The Museum of Glass. I've still never been there.
There's a $2 off coupon for The Seattle Art Museum. Tai and I haven't been using our membership to its full advantages.
I've lived here all my life and there's stuff I've never done. Sometimes it's fun to be a tourist in your own town.


  1. I'd be scared of a museum of glass.

    We did see a glass blowers once when I was little. I got a little humming bird ornament that's blue and yellow. My sisters broke in under a year but I still have mine.

    It's really cool to watch though.

  2. Hello All, I found this on the Washington State Tourism site and its great! 10 Things to do in Seattle WHen it Rains Really terrific ideas and most are within walking distance of downtown. Seattle is such a great city!

  3. I found myself stuck at the Market last week with a group of visitors to SEA and what seemed like four billion tourists. It showed me our city from a totally different perspective! I've decided riding the Ducks is my next Tourist in your Own City thing I'm doing.

  4. Seattle is certainly a place that I want to visit!! But it sounds like I need to spend a week there!!


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