Friday, January 8, 2010

Laptop Bags

My work recently issued us all laptops. They gave us bags as well. But my bag only fits the laptop and its accessories, nothing else. I don't want to schlep my laptop in one bag and my purse, lunch and a book in another bag. I'm looking for an all in one sort of bag.

A few of my coworkers have opted for the backpack model like this one. Probably the most back friendly but the least attractive option to me. I hated carrying a backpack in college and used shoulder bags and such instead.

I definitely prefer messenger bags. I feel safer with them. My current one looks similar to this one but is all black and not as cute.

I like this one although it looks like I should be headed to the Outback not to work. But it seems to have multiple pockets which might eliminate my other problems-where to store my book, my wallet and iPhone.
For those of you who take your laptop to and fro what do you use/recommend?


  1. I use a backpack style one.
    Humped a laptop right across Europe in one. Also in the work I do where petty theft can be a problem a backpack says "Valuable contents" a bit less.

  2. I like the messenger style bag and totally agree with you that you don't want to carry more things than you need to!

  3. I carry my laptop and various accessories in my purse. I have a huge messenger bag-type purse and I slip my laptop into a sleeve and then put it in there with all my other crap. :) On lighter days, I just carry my wallet and cell phone. It's a wristlet, so it works! A note though, sometimes messenger bags and huge purses hurt my back if they're filled to the brim with heavy stuff. But if you're going a short distance, maybe it would be worth it?

  4. LOVE hhte last one. Makes me think...Crocodile Dundee...And that's not a bad thang!

  5. i prefer the messenger bag, a) you don't look like you're going backpacking or to school b) you don't have to take it off your shoulders whenever you want something.

    can i ask how much your laptop weighs? if it's anything above 2.5kg then you probably shouldn't be carrying it around a lot, it should be pretty much stationary. if it is more than 2.5kg then the backpack might give more support.

  6. Chris schleps a backpack, which I guess is fine for him, but I'm like you - if I had a laptop and other things for work I'd opt for a messenger bag too. We actually saw some really nice ones at Target over Christmas (in the luggage aisle). I kept pointing them out to Chris, but he doesn't like the strap going across his body.
    I'd probably go with basic black, or a dark color, because knowing my luck I'd spill something on it!

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