Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Movie Meme

Cause I feel the need to post but can't think of something to post, here's my movie meme.

Movie That Always Makes Me Cry-The Last Unicorn

When I hear the song, I get teary eyed.

Movie That Reminds Me Of My Childhood-The Fox And The Hound

I adored this movie when I was a kid. I watched it everytime it was on tv. Then when it was released on VHS I asked my parents to buy it for me and I watched it some more.

Movie That Makes Me Laugh Out Loud Every time-European Vacation
I love Chevy Chase. I choose this scene because of Eric Idle. "It's just a flesh wound!"

Movie I Can Recite All The Worlds To-Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves

I've probably seen this movie over 1000 times. I was in love with Kevin Costner (despite his terrible accent) back then. Plus Christian Slater, so dreamy back then.

Favorite Disney Movie- Beauty & The Beast

I heard this is going to be re-released this year to the theaters.

Movie I Want To See-Valentine's Day

Would you look at that cast? Who isn't in this movie? I'll be getting the girls together for this one.


  1. Total trip down movie memory lane! and i can't wait to see valentine's day! id on't even know what it's about though...

  2. WHOA!!! two things: 1) i JUST wrote about wanting to see Valentine's Day!! and 2) THE LAST UNICORN IS AMAZING!!!

  3. My very very favorite movie growing up (as a little kid), which happens to be Disney, is "Sleeping Beauty"!! I looooooovvvved that movie. I still love that Tchaicovsky waltz.

    When I was a teenager, "Heathers" was one of my faves. You're so right - Christian Slater was so dreamy back then.... ahhh.

    Oh, and do I get bonus points for having gone to see "Robin Hood" in the theater??? It was for my friend's 15th birthday.


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