Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Replacing Fashion Magazines!

A few years ago, I stopped buying fashion magazines. If you knew me before I stopped buying them, I had tons of magazines (Glamour, Lucky, Marie Clare). I missed them at the beginning but I found a new better outlet: fashion bloggers :) Here are my favorites:

I Am Stylish
...Love Maegan - awesome DIY
Absolutely Apple
Already Pretty
Bombshell Beauty
Defying My Closet
Pretty In Plus
Work With What You Got
Young, Fat & Fabulous

I especially love that they all have different budgets (from Louboutins to thrift shops) and they have varying body types. Now I get loads of great fashion information without tons of ads.


  1. ohhh great list! many of these are my favorites as well! I still get lucky and people style but mostly I get them for the ads & discounts :) I like the inspiration!

  2. I don't get fashion magazines anymore either. But I like looking at fashion blogs for inspiration!

    And I'm not really "working" from home so much today... just staying by the phone and watching TV.

  3. so much better on the budget for sure!!!!!

  4. This is a great idea, but it would be so hard to break the magazine habit. I’ll have to checkout some of these blogs and maybe that will get me on the right path ;)

  5. Most of these blogs are on my reading list too! I am actually working on the rope necklace that ....Love, Meagan posted in a tutorial.

    Loving The Reflection


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