Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughts on Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr

Ok, so I started reading this one as soon as I picked it up from the library. I adore the Wicked Lovely world and this one did not disappointment me. Yeah more dark fairies. I prefer the Dark Court to the Summer Court. Radiant Shadows revolves around Ani, part Hound, part human. Ani's a special gal and maybe the key to the salvation of the Dark Court. She's so special that everyone wants her dead. Devlin, the High Court's assassin, becomes Ani's protector and they fight to live.
If you like Aislinn and Keenan, they aren't in this one. Seth is for a little bit. I really like how Marr does that. It's the same world, but the story doesn't revolve around the Summer Court. The story about Faerie itself and all its courts. I see many more books in this series, there is plenty of material there. Looking forward to the next one-2011!
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  1. I like the dark side of the faerie world too and I really enjoyed this series so far. I must read this one during the summer!


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