Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dress For Success

Over the weekend, Kris, Ashley & I went to a fundraiser for Dress For Success: Seattle. If you aren't familiar with Dress for Success, it's a non-profit organization that helps women get interview outfits and work clothes. Kris found the event and Ashley and I were delighted to go.
In addition to helping a wonderful a cause we also learned about some great Seattle vendors. Like Poirier, Lucy & Ethel, and Freakishly Beautiful (don't you love that name?).
Photos stolen from Poirier's website. These were our favorites from the collection they showed. I particularly love the dress on the left. Very renaissance which I love. All their clothes is custom so it's made to fit you.
Photos stolen from Lucy&Ethel. Lucy&Ethel's a little more my speed. The material of the clothing was so soft. I also like the little flower on their clothing.
Such a fun event. I hope we find more events like this!

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