Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Focused With Style Clinic

A couple of weeks ago I checked out Style Clinic by Paula Reed from the library. I was very impressed by the information and it really helped me focus on what I need in my wardrobe.
Do you have "nothing to wear"? Have you bought clothes only to regret those purchases? Do you have clothes you've never worn because you are looking for the perfect pant/top/skirt to go with it? Then you need Style Clinic.
I will admit Reed does talk about high end clothing like Burberry coats and Hermes scarves but she mentions them to help you see what quality clothing looks like. Reed isn't trying to sell you a closet of designer clothes but a closet of clothes that fits your style and your life.
Reed has focused plans on how to trim your current wardrobe, what items you need to find, and how to find clothes that fit you right and suit your life. I recently culled my wardrobe and took 2 bags of clothes to the Goodwill (yeah!). I'll be using the tips I learned to find better clothes (better fit for me and my wardrobe) and sharing some of my new finds with you.


  1. After reading your description of this one I have found that I need Style clinic!!

  2. Definitely sounds like it was worth attending!

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  3. I definitely need to do this! I've been meaning to for a while... but I've just been lazy. Hopefully, later on this summer, I'll have a little extra money to buy a few staples that I've worn out in my current wardrobe.

  4. I would love to do one of these! I've been working on throwing out clothes that don't fit well but it's hard because I always tell myself "I'm going to lose weight and I'll just buy better fitting clothes when I do", which is just silly of me.

    My husband bought me some "style" books for Christmas, I need to break them out and read them and focus on their points when building a beautiful wardrobe.


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