Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner

Ordinarily Tai and I don't go out to dinner on Valentine's Day. We prefer to stay home, away from crowded restaurants. But since Valentine's Day was on a Monday this year we decided to go out to dinner before his volleyball game.
We ate at Omar Al Khyam in Renton since it's close to the community center where he plays volleyball.
 We started with the olives.
 Tai ordered the lamb. He loves lamb and will eat it every chance he gets.
 I got the grape leaves. This my favorite dish there. I could eat 2 plates of these grape leaves.
And we finished with baklava. So good. The best baklava I've ever had.


  1. Baklava is the best dessert ever!! Looks like you had a nice, romantic dinner :)

  2. hummm ca avait l air trop bon !

    bon w end ;O)

  3. Honestly....I'm so jealous of the area where you live because you seem to have so many different restaurants to eat at!!

  4. I've never tried Mediterranean food but this all looks good!

  5. I love grape leaves too! Although I normally wind up getting them as an appetizer or side, I can't say I've found anywhere that I can have a whole meal of them


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