Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Obsession

Tai and I have a habit of falling in love with tv shows that get canceled (Reaper, Better Off Ted). In order to help eliminate that let down we started watching shows that have already been canceled. Enter my new favorite show: Veronica Mars.
We're almost done with season one. One reason I'm loving this show is this guy:
I'm thisclose to fan fiction. Tai calls him Spike (we're big on the Buffy references). Since I loved Spike too, it's no wonder I love Logan Echolls. He's just adorable. He's got the best quotes.

I'll be sad when we're all done with Veronica Mars but I'm sure we'll find a new old show to watch.


  1. I've heard so many good things about that show!! I wish I had watched it when it was originally on tv.

  2. I loved this show! She was the coolest :(

  3. I LOVED Veronica Mars! What a great show. So many cute boys (thankfully played by legal over 18 year old men) in that show...

  4. I don't think you will think Room is scary...I don't particularly like scary things (as in, I don't watch horrer movies) - and I didn't think this was scary. There are some disturbing parts though, for sure.

    I never watched Veronica Mars! I am going to have to see if this is on netflix because I hear good things!

  5. Guess I'll have to add this to my Netflix rotation!!


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