Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Slow Cooker Tuesday-Beef Stroganoff

One of Tai's favorite meals is beef stroganoff. I rarely make it because it is loaded in dairy which doesn't make Tai's tummy happy. Happy mouth but an unhappy tummy equals a sad man. When I spotted this recipe, I knew I had to make it. But I could not find cream of onion soup at the two stores I went to. Cream of onion seems like a 70's throwback. I had to improvise. But I'll get to that in a moment. First an ugly picture of the final product:
The meat kind of fell apart and resembled creamed beef! But it was so good and creamy.

Beef Stroganoff (adapted from the Betty Crocker website)

2 lbs stew meat
1/2 onion, diced
2 cans cream of mushroom
1 can of broth (I used mushroom but you could use beef or veggie)
1 6 oz can of mushrooms
1/4 tsp pepper
1 8 oz package of cream cheese
1 8 oz container of sour cream
Rice or egg noodles

Combine meat, onion, soups, mushrooms, and pepper in a 4 quart slow cooker. I used a 6 quart and it was fine. Set on low for 8-10 hours. Boil the noodles or cook the rice separately before serving. While the noodles or rice cook, add the cream cheese and stir to combine. Then add the sour cream and stir to combine. Serve over rice or noodles.


  1. I bet this was yummy. I'm a big fan of beef stroganoff and will definitely have to try this.

  2. I love this stuff!! Your recipe sounds so easy!!


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