Monday, December 5, 2011

The Autobiography of Mrs Tom Thumb by Melanie Benjamin

I picked up The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb off the library shelf after hearing so many good things about it. I'm so glad I did. It was a wonderful book that I was sad to finish.
Immediately, I fell in love with Lavinia. She's everything I hope for in a heroine. She's full of spunk. In her twenties, Lavinia ("Vinnie") reaches her full height of 32". Raised in rural New England, Vinnie quickly realizes that life with her family will never be what her heart desires. Vinnie unexpectedly gets the opportunity to join a show, a show aboard a river boat on the Mississippi. That when her life starts.
The world Benjamin creates is so vivid. I could see Vinnie singing and dancing on the river boat. I could feel the excitement of life on the road. I enjoyed all the people that Vinnie met while she toured. I loved little Minnie, Vinnie's tenderhearted sister. Vinnie was the star of the show but Minnie was the heart.
Don't let the title fool you. This is a work of fiction. Benjamin did her research to make sure there were plenty of graphic details. I was quickly sucked into Vinnie's world and really didn't want to leave. While I loved learning about Vinnie, a woman I'd never heard of before this book, I was intrigued by PT Barnum who loomed over Vinnie throughout the book. I highly recommend picking up The Autobiography of Mrs Tom Thumb. Others who shared their thoughts on The Autobiography of Mrs Tom Thumb: Devourer of Books, Lit and Life, The Written World, Children's Books & More, Book Chase, and Bippity Boppity Book.


  1. Not fooled by the cover, since I am not sure what I would have placed it as either

  2. You've confirmed that I will have to read this one...sounds fantastic!!


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