Monday, December 19, 2011

Letters From Father Christmas by JRR Tolkien

I admit I was seduced the length of Letters from Father Christmas (112 pages) and the fact it was written by Tolkien. I knew from the goodreads blurb that these were the letters that Tolkien wrote for his kids every holiday season. Other than the tiny bit of elvish he wrote in one of the letters, this book didn't capture my attention.
Now the art work, the attention to detail were fantastic. The fact that he kept writing about the same characters and sometimes referenced past events over seventeen years was amazing. I felt his kids were very lucky to have such an imaginative dad. The tale he wove about Father Christmas, the polar bear and his helper elves was detailed. But I would only recommended this book to those who are true Tolkien addicts. The original letters and artwork are printed in the book so you can see how detailed the letters were. To me there was no story. Just some really great letters his kids got. Others who shared their thoughts on Letters From Father Christmas: Nose In A Book, The Road Goes Ever Ever On, Pen and Paper, and All Booked Up.
This was my second read for The Christmas Spirit Challenge.


  1. I can't say I want to read it, but like you, I would be seduced since it was Tolkien and that would make me want to read it

  2. I love the cover. Did he do the artwork?


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