Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

I added The Truth About Forever to my tbr list (and the The Original TBR Challenge) because I had picked up the ARC from a friend. I'd heard good things about Dessen and since I hadn't read her before, I figured I should check it out.
Macy's sixteen and trying to be perfect. She has the perfect boyfriend who will be leaving her for the summer. She's just has to make through the summer to get her perfect life going. At first I wasn't sure if I would like Macy til I realized that we shared that unattainable desire to be perfect. I could clearly could see her struggle against the ideal and the reality. The characters talk over and over again about how perfect just isn't realistic. How perfect shouldn't ever be the goal cause not perfect can be so wonderful. Even though it would have stressed me out I loved all the chaos that Delia brought into Macy's life. It really forced her out of her hemmed in little world.
I really got sucked into Macy's story. It was very real. Macy's family is grieving the loss of her father. People treat her differently so she keeps them away. Her mom's thrown herself into work. Macy thinks if she keeps her head down and works on being perfect, everything will be fine. Then she meet Delia, a pregnant, frazzled caterer. Macy starts working for Delia and meets Kristy, Wes, Monica, and Bert. Slowly she becomes friends with this new gang of people and finds out more about herself. And Wes is sa-woon worthy!
Overall I really liked The Truth About Forever. It was a very realistic and relatable story. One I would definitely recommend. Others who shared their thoughts on The Truth About Forever: Books From Bleh To Basically Amazing, Paranormal Indulgence, and Confessions of A Book Addict.
This was my twenty-ninth read for the YA Reading Challenge.
And this was my eleventh read for the TBR challenge.


  1. Dessen is one of my favorite YA authors ever. She has that uncanny ability to capture what it felt like to be a girl and a teen!!

  2. This book is among my all time favorite YA novels.

  3. I still have not read a book by Dessen...I did try one, but meh


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