Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fever by Lauren DeStefano

After reading Wither last year, I wanted to continue Rhine's story with Fever. Perhaps it was more of my high hopes, but Fever didn't do it for me.
Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion. On the run, they seek safety in unlikely places and search for Rhine's brother. Rhine starts off really good. Girl doesn't have a plan but seems to roll with the punches pretty well. I don't feel like she's as doe-eyed as she was in Wither. She seems to have learned to buck up. Gabriel fills out his role much better til about the middle of the book. Then he has a dramatic mood change. That's one thing that bothered me in Fever-the mood changes. I'm happy, everything's fine. Five pages later, nothing's ok, it's the end of the world. Each time it happens there's a reason that's explained ten pages later. At first I was mad at Gabriel, I actually hoped he would go away. Why was he getting bitchy? When it was explained it made sense but why couldn't have it been explained earlier. Or later when Rhine experiences her mood swing, I got pissy again. Just when I starting to like you, Rhine, you go whiney and weird. Again it made sense but why I did have go through several pages disliking you? It didn't make me more sympathetic to you, Rhine.
Lots of the story doesn't make sense til later in the book. I wasn't confused. I did accept a lot but I didn't like how it felt like a mystery toward the end. I am anxious to see how the trilogy ends. I'm hoping for something with a real bang.
I was pretty meh about Fever. Here are some others that shared their opinion on Fever: Read. Breathe. Relax, Books Devoured, Midnight Book Girl, and From L.A.to LA.


  1. Maybe I will just forget about this one, I wanted to read it but then Stefano went and said something in a meltdown crisis about something and I said NO

  2. I'm sorry that this was a 'meh' read! those suck big time and let's hope that the next one gives you what you expected this time and more!!


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