Friday, June 22, 2012

Poser by Claire Dederer

I picked up Poser off the shelf because I remembered hearing good things about it. I'm really glad I did. it was an enjoyable memoir.
I didn't know when I picked it up that Claire lived in Seattle. Actually Claire's a native Washingtonian like me. So I enjoyed reading about places I knew. Plus she makes fun of some specifically Seattle things which I also enjoyed. But as I got deeper in the memoir I found I could relate to Claire a lot. We both have anxiety disorders, we both feel like people are judging us, and we both felt like we weren't good enough. I really enjoyed Claire's journey because I could relate. Yes, she does talk about yoga. I wasn't as interested in the bits about the history of yoga. I actually skimmed those bits. I cared more about her life and her yoga practice than how yoga evolved. Reading Poser was like talking to a friend for me.
I highly enjoyed Poser and would recommend it especially to my fellow PNWers. Others who shared their thoughts on Poser: Imperfect Happiness, Books On Top, Book DilettanteThe Joy of Booking, and Eat Right and Om.

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  1. I love it when you can make some sort of connection to an author of a memoir!!


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