Friday, June 29, 2012



Tai and I heard the Applegate commercial on the radio one day. You might have heard it, a couple are discussing hot dogs and antibiotics in beef. We're both concerned about what we are eating so we decided to try these hot dogs. Wow, they are delicious. These taste like what a hot dog should taste like.  These are now our go to hot dogs.

I bought this Olay knockoff of the Clarisonic a few months ago. I have a hard time getting rid of white and black heads especially around my nose. I didn't want to drop a couple of hundred on the Clarisonic so I decided to try the Olay version. I absolutely adore it. I suck at remembering to use it. I can't keep it in my shower (no room) but when I remember to use it, my skin feels so soft. I need to remember to use it more often.

This was a total impulse buy. I was cruising past the milk products and spotted this mocha iced coffee on the shelf. I bought it and forgot about til Tai spotted it in the fridge a few days later. He asked if he could have some so we shared a glass then poured ourself a glass each. It's delicious. Perfect for those afternoon pick me ups.

What are you enjoying this week?


  1. I've been thinking of getting the Olay system (blackheads - bah!) so I'm glad to hear that it works for you.

  2. I almost bought the iced coffee yesterday!! I will have to treat myself to it the next time I'm at the grocery store!!


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