Monday, August 13, 2012

Better by Mistake by Alina Tugend

I put Better by Mistake on my tbr list after spying it on my Goodreads feed. I struggle with making mistakes and letting them go. I was hoping to get more information on why it's ok to make mistakes but got a lot of info on why people make mistakes.
Tugend did a lot of research for this book. She talks about big mistakes (planes crashing, poisonings) and small mistakes (dropping a glass, sending the wrong email). There's also a lot of research on how people feel about making mistakes. Surprise, no one likes to make mistakes. No one likes their mistakes pointed out. A lot of people will blame others and refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes. I enjoyed knowing how some will go to great lengths to cover up mistakes but people for the most part want others to be honest about their mistakes. It makes them feel better. Also apologizing for your mistake helps people feel better. Not the mistake maker but the person who was on the receiving end of the mistake. Yet in the end I didn't understand why it was ok to make mistakes. Yes, some people learn from their mistakes if they take the opportunity to understand what happened. But the majority of mistakes can be situational or accidental where there isn't really a cause. Better by Mistake made me think about my mistakes and talk them through more than before I read the book so I guess that's something. Bottom line, this isn't a self help book. It's a nonfiction book discussing why mistakes happen and sometimes they lead to improvements that help people.
Overall Better By Mistake was a good read if you like reading about research studies (which I do). Others who shared their thoughts on Better by Mistake: Readaholic, Man of La Book, and Blogcritics.

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  1. Interesting read...I hate it when I make mistakes and more often than not admit to them and come clean.


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