Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme started at The Broke And The Bookish.

This week's topic: Top Ten Bookish Confessions (Anything! You dog ear, you hated a book but said you loved it, you have $500 library fines...anything goes!)

1. I buy books but don't read them. Library books get read before any book I own. And you know I always have library books.

2. Loan me a book and it might take a while to get it back. Same as the previous confession. I read library books before any other book.
3. I hide stacks of library books so I can't see how tall Mt Library Loot has gotten. I hide them in bags or in the trunk of my car.
4. I get defensive when people don't like books I like and they are mean about it. Or worse if someone say but it's just a book when I get worked up over the characters. Best way to get me pissy in a hurry.
5. It seems like the list of books I want to read grows faster than I can read. This makes me sad.
6. I get sad when I have to take a book back to the library unread.
7. I don't always want to read bestsellers. Sometimes I love those ones that no one has heard of. 
8. I'm still obsessed with Ready Player One. Wil Wheaton is going to be at PAX and I keep joking how I want him to read Ready Player One to me, live. He's got 17 hours to kill right?

I only got eight this time. I started listing pet peeves and I got ranty. It wasn't good. Besides the topic is confessions, not rants. 
What are you bookish confessions?


  1. I think my list goes- Review books, library books, loaned books and then the ones I have paid for.

    Beth ^_^

  2. "It seems like the list of books I want to read grows faster than I can read. This makes me sad." Me too, but it would be worse in reverse. Here's Ours

  3. #1, #5, and #8 totally me. have you heard Wheaton read the audio? I didn't but I bet it is flippin' great.

  4. I have a book that is 15 years old, I really want to read it..but..library books came up

  5. I loved your list and I too hate taking books back to the library unread. It seems like a crime against all books!!

  6. I'm totally guilty of #1 too. There are books I just have to have, whether I'm going to get to them in the near future or not.


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