Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pin It And Did It: No Bake Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

I'm counting this for the challenge despite it not turning out all that great.
I pinned this no bake chocolate chip granola bar recipe because I'm always looking for snacks and treats for Tai. Now, that I'm trying to make more food for us to take to work, Tai likes having something like a muffin or a granola bar for breakfast. I pinned these granola bars because they seemed easy and had all the ingredients I usually have on hand.

Here's mine:
Now, I do think I made them too thin but they don't taste that yummy to me. I think I might have put too much vanilla. But they lack much nutritional oomph for me to make them again. I'm on the hunt for another granola bar to make.
Do you have a granola bar recipe to share with me?


  1. Glad to know you tried it and didn't swoon for it.. gives me a heads-up to not waste my time! They do look good though :)

    Years ago (way before pinterest) I clipped a "no bake" granola bar recipe... but of course, I have no idea where it is... I remember basically filling a 9x13 pan with oats, granola, almonds, and dried fruit, then using straight honey to bind it together... let another 9x13 sit atop of it to squish it down for 24hrs. I loved them. Not sure nutritionally how great the excessive amount of honey used is though!

  2. Oh what a disappointment! I couldn't wait to get over to your post to see how these turned out...bummer!

  3. BUMMER!!! I'm on the hunt for a granola bar recipe as well. I did make plan granola the other day but it isn't in bar form. If I come across something that I like I'll be sure to let you know.


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