Monday, July 8, 2013

Hood by Stephen R Lawhead

I added Hood to my library queue because it's a mammoth book and it's about Robin Hood, one of my favorite legends. Lawhead removes Hood from his familiar Sherwood Forest and moves him to Wales. At first I was skeptical. This is not Robin Hood! But slowly I came around and really enjoyed Lawhead's version.
Bran is a reluctant prince. He does not agree with his father's ways and frequently disobeys him. After Bran loses everything, he decides to head to the lands of his mother's family to seek refuge. On his way, he becomes injured and an old woman becomes his caretaker.
I liked Bran. He was a spoiled child at the beginning of the story. He didn't want to obey his father. He did as he pleased. But he grew and despite wanting to remain spoiled he saw how he could make a difference.
I also really liked Tuck. He was awesome. A staff wielding friar. Cool.
Lawhead really takes the time to develop Bran and show his rise to Hood. Hood is definitely one of those richly written books where each page has so much detail.  I look forward to reading the rest of the series. Others who shared their thoughts on Hood: Here There Be Books, Blogs of A Bookaholic, the Little Red Reviewer, and Let Them Read Books.
This was my eighth read for the Mammoth Reading Challenge.
2013 Mammoth Book Challenge

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  1. I've read a few books by Lawhead and loved his writing!


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