Monday, March 3, 2014

Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

I picked up Something Strange and Deadly because of it's beautiful cover. I was able to read A Dawn Most Wicked before reading Something Strange and Deadly which only intrigued me more. A Dawn Most Wicked follows Daniel before the events of Something Strange and Deadly. I wanted more about Daniel and the Spirit Hunters. Something Strange and Deadly was a wonderful steampunky zombie filled adventure.

It's the late1800's in Philadelphia. Eleanor Fitt of the Philadelphia Fitts is waiting for her brother to home from an academic tour of Europe and Egypt. Things have started to go sideways for Eleanor and she's sure if her brother came home he could right her life. Even since the death of their father, Eleanor's family has been sliding into poverty. First her mother pins her hopes on her son to come back and help rebuild their wealth but later looks to Eleanor to marry a rich man to help pay off the debts. But Eleanor has other ideas. The Dead have arrived in Philadelphia. The Dead terrify Philadelphia's residents and some of the Dead are Hungry and have been known to eat humans.  Eleanor seeks out the Spirit Hunters who are trying to get rid of the Dead and Hungry. Daniel is part of the Spirit Hunters. At first, Daniel and Eleanor don't like each other. But that changes slowly.

I loved Eleanor. She's spunky and stubborn. She knows there is more than balls and pretty dresses. Unfortunately her life has been small and others around her are trying to keep in that small life. Eleanor meets Jie, one of the Spirit Hunters. Jie is Chinese and she has freedom. Freedom not to wear a corset. Freedom to run and jump. Freedom to choose her own life. Eleanor envies Jie's freedom and uses that to find a larger life. Not only was this book about a zombie invasion but also about choosing your own life regardless of what other's say.

Oh, Daniel. At first I was upset that he wasn't in the book right away. A Dawn Most Wicked was entirely about him. Something Strange and Deadly was more about Eleanor but once Daniel shows up I was pretty happy. I like his gruff attitude because I know he's a softie. I wish there was more about his inventions. Maybe the next book?

Overall, I'm pretty excited about the Something Strange and Deadly series. I can't wait to read A Darkness Strange and Lovely. Others who shared their thoughts on Something Strange and Deadly: The Perpetual Page-Turner, Midnight Coffee Monster, Good Books Good Wine, and Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

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  1. Adding this one to the TBR list right now! I'm hoping/planning on reading more YA this year and I love the sound of this one. Great review!


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