Monday, August 25, 2014

Goodnight June by Sarah Jio

Sarah Jio is one of my go to authors. I will always pick up what she writes. I usually enjoy her books and Goodnight June was no exception. Goodnight June combines so much of what I expect from Jio: love, mystery, and Seattle.

June Andersen left Seattle for New York decades ago. She has little intention of returning to Seattle and her family. But her aunt, Ruby, has other plans. Ruby leaves June her children's bookstore in her will. June must return to Seattle to deal with her inheritance as well as her family.

I immediately liked June. She was smart and independent but she was running away from her problems. Her family had hurt her so she left them behind and didn't want to reconcile despite their attempts otherwise. June was stubborn. But since Ruby left her the bookstore, June had to return to Seattle and find a way to reconcile her life. I enjoyed reading about June's story and I hated putting the book down at night.

Confession. I'd never read Goodnight Moon. Goodnight Moon has a strong influence in Goodnight June. I did pick up Goodnight Moon from the library and found it delightful. I don't know how I missed it as a child. If you know the story of Goodnight Moon, it might enhance your enjoyment of Goodnight June. If not, it might inspire you to check it out.

Another winner by Jio. I'm looking forward to her next book, The Look of Love, due out this winter! Others who shared their thoughts on Goodnight June: Luxury Reading, Reading for Sanity, Reading The Past, and Booking Mama.


  1. I'm glad you finally got to enjoy Goodnight Moon. Such a good book and that is why I want to read Goodnight June. I'm glad you liked it! :)

  2. I'm not quite sure I can believe that you never read Goodnight Moon before. I wouldn't list it as one of my childhood favorites, but still, I know it's one we had and read over and over.

    And I've yet to actually read anything by Sarah Jio, but she's definitely an author I'm looking forward to. Especially this book with its connection to Goodnight Moon.

  3. I haven't read Goodnight Moon. I am curious about both books. I'm glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for the great review Linda.


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